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How you will search for the right puppy for you!

Before you decide to get a shar pei, take as much information as possible about the breed.
You are going to find it in the professional literature and many internet forums,
connected with the kennel clubs.

If you are a breeder just look at our breeding plans and contact us via FB GROUP PAGE or email us.
But I must inform you we give dogs only to responsible breeders usually with a good reputation and references.

If you are in Greece and searching info for a puppy click puppy.

We breed puppies because it is our love and our passion in the Breed and we ONLY GIVE dogs to people or families who want to give a lot of care and love to the puppy/dog, and will treat him/her as the full member of the family.
We wish to provide our puppies perfect start into life and happiness among the right people.

We provide our puppies with perfect development conditions.
From the very beginning, they live with us in the house and we give them full vaccinated get rid of worms as well from an early age, trained with the leash, socialized with the other dogs stay with their mother to learn behavior. 
They are perfectly fed with the needs of every puppy.

We give our puppies with everything that a puppy needs to start to correct their new life...

If the puppy is for exhibitions we give advice and help.

We always help all our beloved puppies owners with help and advice, as long as they need it.

The ones, who are going to contact us via e-mail, are requested to send us some information about themselves.:

- where you live?

- what is your experience with the dogs?

- does your family accept your choice?

- what is your family status ( single, children - which age?)?

- do you work?

- how long ( how many hours) must the dog stay in the house alone?

- what are your plans connected with the exhibition career?

- why you are interested in this specific breed?

Because no one knows our puppies better,
we will be happy to help in choosing the right shar pei for you.
For Greek People, we have a greek page.